Friday, January 2, 2009

Pink Camassia-Conservation Through Cultivation

This charming pink flowered form of Camassia, probably C. leichtlinii, came from BuggyCrazy (I love that name), a lady who grows some wonderful bulbs out in Oregon, and who seems to be plagued by a neighbor or neigbors who do seem, indeed, to drive her crazy. It is supposed to be an unusual variant from the normally blue, rarely white, flowered species. The original population was wiped out by highway construction, so the story goes. She has propagated the plant for years at her nursery. It did well this past spring in my home garden--all these flowers came from a single bulb, so I ordered a handful more this year from her.

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Unknown said...

I love the pink camass & bought several years ago from buggycrazy. Unfortunately, mice/voles got into them & I lost all but 2 bulbs. I have treasured them, protected them & tried to find more of them. I do believe the neighbors of this delightful lady did indeed somehow force her to give up her treasures, as she has informed me she no longer sells plants. Would you be willing to part with any of yours? If not, please remember me if you change your mind. Thanks for your time, Sharron Thames, aka xpch