Friday, January 2, 2009

Blakea gracilis

This photo is a bit more yellowish than it should be, due to a camera flash I think, or maybe the lighting this plant is growing under in my classroom. I have it out for the summer, and bring it in during fall when it tends to set lots of buds. The flowers are white with pink shadings, and the buds are particularly beautiful. I got it from Kartuz a few years ago, and it has grown quite large and bushy. Even the foliage is nice, glossy green with a thick texture. It is in the Melastomaceae, from forests in the New World. I am somewhat suprised it isn't more commonly seen, because its not hard to grow nor propagate as far as I can tell.

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Unknown said...

Love this plant! Unfortunately I believe Kartuz lost theirs, so I'm glad that you are growing it. It's on my long list of melastomes to try one day...they are hard to find.