Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dyschoriste fischeri

This rather pleasant small shrubby plant came from seed via Silverhill. In overall aspect it sort of resembles a weirdly colored salvia, though it is in a different plant family (Acanthaceae). I plant them out in the school slope garden for the summer, where they bloom all summer long, and then dig and pot them up for winter. They reside under lights, where they continue to bloom, provided spider mites and whiteflies are kept at bay. The flowers are a strange blue-mauve-grey color, the closest I've seen to the also indescribably odd color of some of the "blue" forms of Pelargonium quinquelobatum. It does set seed in small hard capsules that need to be broken open to get the flattened seeds out, after they dry. It is not frost hardy, so it must come indoors for winter, though it grows and blooms fast enough such that it could be treated as an annual if started early.

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