Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Double Rainbow in Chappaqua

Okay, its not about plants this time, but early last fall I saw the coolest thing at my school in Chappaqua. Right before open school night, a few of us were walking back to our classrooms from a very nice dinner the PTA kindly provides us beforehand. I saw other people with cellphones out, taking pics, and this is what they were looking at--a rare double rainbow. I've seen rainbows before, but I don't remember seeing a double rainbow, plus it was rather late in the day to see a rainbow anyway. Must have been some fog or rain between the lowering sun to the west and the eastern sky where we saw the rainbow. The upper rainbow is not as bright as the lower one, but it was more obvious in real life than my photo reveals. Quite a nice site, on what turned out to be a rather nice day as well.

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