Friday, March 14, 2008

Support for the brave people of Tibet in this time of terror

I must take a moment from discussing plants to take notice of the uprising of the long suffering Tibetan people in Lhasa and elsewhere in Tibet. I am heartbroken knowing the torture and deaths that will follow as the Chinese regime's security forces once again shed Tibetan blood on Tibetan soil. For 2000 years Tibetans have been the masters of their own land, but the last 66 years as a colony under China's boot have been the most horrific in Tibetan history. The world watches as another genocidal action unfolds, as people who have been so brutalized rise up against their plantation masters, knowing the might of their oppressors is vastly greater, but they fight on anyway with sticks and stones against tanks and machine guns. Shame on India,the worlds largest democracy and mother of Tibetan writing and religion, for blocking the exiled Tibetan's march to their homeland, and for kowtowing to the Chinese regime,as if they somehow really believe they are a second rate power to China. Shame on Nepal for beating Tibetans rallying on behalf of their countrymen and for closing Mt Everest at the behest of China so no protest can happen when they bring their Olympic torch to the (Tibetan) mountain. Shame on Greece for stopping Tibetans from lighting an alternative Olympic torch in Athens. Shame on the UN and the nations of the world for not having the balls to demand freedom for Tibet's long suffering people. Most of all, shame on the Olympics Committee for not pushing harder for greater freedoms in China and Tibet. How can the Olympics be held in a nation that uses secret police, state condoned terror, torture, and murder to control Tibet, and which has done so for over half a century? Reminds me of holding the Olympic games in Nazi Germany, after all, its not supposed to be about politics--or is it! Its amazing to me that after all these years of abuse and propaganda Tibetans still are unbroken in their quest for freedom. Such brave people!
As a fellow world citizen I support Tibetans in their quest for justice and freedom from tyranny. May God watch all of you and be with you in this time of terror. I will do my small part in spreading the word, China must know that we, the world, are watching.
"Silence equals death". Bod gyalo.

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