Saturday, May 14, 2011

Desert Iris in the Garden

Iris "Dardanus" is an old hybrid of the Regaliocyclus group of irises, which means it has some desert species iris in its bloodlines. These give it the wonderful dark veining, which makes each flower a work of art. I got rhizomes a few years ago and had real difficulty figuring out which way to plant them--I've seen a lot of plant underground parts in my lifetime, but these rhizomes were impossible to orient based on previous experiences with other plants. Whatever I did, it worked, and now there is a thriving clump near the wall of my school garden. They like the dry, hot spot that they are planted in. Foliage is short lived compared to other iris in that it tends to die back in summer, but it does get an early start. It is in bloom right now, just before the bearded iris that will bloom in another part of the school garden in a week or so.

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