Friday, February 25, 2011

A Nice Combination

Well actually both species pictured here can be thugs, but when they bloomed together they made a pretty sight. Campanula poscharskyana makes a pretty spreading mat, while Corydalis ochroleuca forms clumps wherever it can get a foothold. The corydalis is more aggressive and taller than the campanula in my garden, so I do remove excess corydalis plants after their first flush of blooms. The campanula flowers in spring, but the corydalis can keep flowering off and on throughout the growing season, especially in cooler weather, and is one of the last things to succumb to heavy frosts in the autumn.

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Caleb said...

wow- Lovely purple/blue flowers.
I found you blog while doing a search for 'Zingiber Mioga' Im actually searching desperately for this plant, if its not too forward of me to ask; i was wondering if we could do some sort of trade of if i could buy several rhizomes of it from you...? i would of course be willing to take care of shipping/packaging costs too.
If you could email me back at : cjohns8 (@) gmail (.) com.
I hope you consider,
Thank you so much for your time-