Thursday, January 21, 2010

Poppies, Again

During the dodrums of a northern winter, its always exciting to look over photos of the garden taken during the growing season. I've posted before about Shirley poppies, they are so easy to grow and so splendid in their appearance that I can't imagine why more people don't grow them. Perhaps its because they must be grown from seed (so no I just buy things in packs/flats and pop it in the ground "gardeners" need apply) and they don't flower much past early summer. Yet the seed is cheap, easy to sow (just throw it down on bare soil in late winter or early spring in a sunny location), and readily available, and best of all they resow with cheerful abandon--I already see some self sown small winter rosettes just waiting for spring to get here to burst into growth and bloom. Such a profusion of colorful beauty from such a small investment in money and effort!

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