Sunday, January 3, 2010

Glads from Ebay

Ebay has a lot of overpriced junk for sale in its plant listings, but a careful search does turn up some good bargains, and some cool plants. I got this form of Gladiolus dalenii (or hybrid thereof) from someone down South. I got a good number of corms for something like 99 cents plus shipping. It apparently is one of the common passalong plants in parts of the South, but it is never seen up here. I got around to planting the corms rather late but they did bloom nicely in the school garden, and the corms produced dozens of baby corms as well. Propagation will not be a problem! The flower is more open in form and a bit brighter in color than other forms of dalenii that I grow, except for "Halloweenie", a dalenii form that, while gorgeous, blooms too late to be of much garden use here. I dug most of the corms for winter, but left a couple behind to see if it is hardy in our climate. Its a nice old "antique" variety that is very hard to find via commercial retail nurseries.

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