Friday, December 28, 2007

Pelargonium sidoides

I realized after I posted about P. "Burgundy" that I should have included a photo of P. sidoides in the post. Here it is, blooming in my school garden. Note how dark the flowers are, much more so than "Burgundy" is. "Burgundy" also produces more elongated foliage bearing stems than does true P. sidoides.
I believe that P. sidoides has been used as a respiratory medicine in traditional African medicine (and in Europe), and I would expect P. reniforme to have similar pharmaceutical properties. Unfortunately this poses a danger to these plants in the wild, as they are gathered as "muti" by traditional healers in their homeland. They could be easily cultivated in areas with appropriate climates so as to relieve pressure on wild populations.


Russell Kirk Pirlo said...

I have been using an extract o f Pelargonium sidoides for bronchitis and it works wonderfully. I would like to grow some plants of my own for making tea or such. Unfortunately, I do not know where to find these plants. Can you tell me where I can obtain the plants?

Pieter said...

Pelargonium sidoides grows in the wild in the Eastern Cape province of south africa and is also cultivated in various private projects. Getting hold of it could be a struggle since the plant is being protected, but I guess if you cut up a few pieces of root and mail it to your address it should arrive there (and still be OK to put in soil).

geranios said...

P. sidoides seed is occasionlly available from Silverhill Seeds in South Africa. It is an easy specis to grow and propagate.