Friday, December 28, 2007

Erigeron divergens

I collected seed of this fleabane in the early 90's on the Apache Trail outside of Phoenix, AZ. Unlike many arid land species, this flower does not disappoint when grown in the more humid East by either dying from fungal problems or producing huge leaves and few flowers. It blooms quickly from seed and soon covers itself with flowers that go on and on till frost. For me it behaves as a resowing annual, and for many years plants persisted in outdoor containers on a small terrace at home. It is one of those plants that never seems to disappear, always popping up in unexpected places from self sown seed. This year I transplanted seedlings from the containers to a sunnier spot in the school garden and they went bonkers, producing loads of flowers and many minute seeds. It grows about a foot tall, with narrow linear greyish leaves and lots of slender flower covered branches.

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