Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Waiting for my snake plant to bloom!

Snake plant flowers, you ask, what's so special about that? Well, there are some Sansevieria species which have really spectacular flowers, and this baby is one of the best. I got this plant from a good friend and knowledgable plant grower, but am not sure of its name. It is a very large grower, every bit as big as S. 'Masons Congo', but with different leaves. It flowered last year, producing a huge ball of white flowers, highly fragrant at night in the manner of other sansevierias. I brought it to my classroom last fall, but it was too big to easily bring home for the summer, so when I went in recently to check on it, I was treated to the suprise you see--a huge bud, a promise of even better to come.

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