Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Two more plants I didn't buy! (yet)

My gardens are rather small, but if I had more room I'd surely add these two stunners to my garden. The second pic depicts a red leaved banana (Musa) at PD which was quite attractive in a tropical sort of way. The first pic shows Arundo donax "Peppermint Stick" growing in one of their extensive gardens. Most ornamental grasses do not "wow" me, but this one is different. Its size and clear white variegation created a strong, bright visual element in the garden.

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Carolyn said...

Hello Ernie. I was happy to see all your new interesting posts today. I haven't had time to read blogs in a while. I've enjoyed the catalog, but now I'm yearning to visit Plant Delights someday. That Arundo donax is lovely.