Friday, December 4, 2015

Osteospermum "Avalanche" Offspring

In my last post I wrote about getting seeds off of Osteospermum "Avalanche".  Evidently it crossed with one of the purple tender ones as I got this blue eyed offspring.  Only one other seed grew and produced a plant, and it appears to be identical to "Avalanche".  Seed set on any of them has been very sparse this year, since we had too frequent rain in early summer followed by hot and dry weather later on.   Reluctant seed setters such as these tend to prefer optimal conditions, which would be cool and sunny for a few weeks at a time.  Nonetheless should my blue eyed plant prove to be as hardy as "Avalanche" it would be a nice addition to gardens.  It is a good bloomer and held up well to whatever weather it had to endure.
Only the most vigorous of the three plants of "Avalanche" made it through last year's brutal winter, but it has regrown nicely and is quite robust right now, as we have had a very mild fall with about two hard frosts thus far.  I took cuttings of the blue eyed plant to overwinter indoors in case the plant outside fails to get through winter, but with the strong El Nino in place it is likely the winter will be mild and thus its chances of survival are good.   I planted other osteospermums near it and "Avalanche" including "Purple Mountain" and one from Forest Farm called "Lavender Mist".  Alas neither plant has been very robust, but they are alive and will probably get through winter.  In fact "Lavender Mist" looks identical to "Avalanche", I can detect nothing lavender about it.  I think FF has some labeling issues, I also got a Shasta Daisy from them that was supposed to be a very full double variety, it came out single so I trashed it.   Otherwise I have generally had good luck with FF.

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