Saturday, February 20, 2010

Massive Mushroom/Fungal Feast

For those of you who are into gesneriads, perhaps you recognize Martin Kunhardt of Streptocarpus fame. In 1993 I had the privelage of visting his farm Wahroonga in the midlands of Natal, where I and Charles Craib, who I was travelling with, overnighted. He brought in this huge edible mushroom, which I imagine we ate, though honestly I can't remember if I did. What I do remember was the wonderful fields and wooded gullies at Wahroonga with all manner of wildflowers, including streptocarpus and impatiens in the lightly treed ravines and many other kinds in the extensive grasslands which predominate in the area. Martin had a most impressive collection of Streptocarpus species and equally impressive hybrids that he made himself, I've never seen anything like it since. He also had some other gesneriads such as sinningia species acquired from overseas contacts I imagine. They were kept in a plastic/lathhouse which could be closed up for the winter if needed, for sometimes they do get a frost and even a touch of snow, though nothing like here in NY! Wish I had time to visit a little longer, as Wahroonga was a cool place!

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